BenJonah Farm

About Us

BenJonah Farm is a place that not only supports and helps our Wounded Warriors that are coming home but is a place that helps all those in need.  We search out those that are less fortunate, troubled kids as well as veterans (wounded or not) that we can assist.  We not only assist in taking them hunting and fishing but most importantly we try to assist them spiritually.  We understand that the land and water that we enjoy are a true blessing from God and we know that if we put Him first in our lives He will bless us beyond belief.  

The name BenJonah comes from Chris and Tammy Suttons childrens names, Ben and Jonah.  As of 2014 Ben is 12 years old and Jonah is 9.  They both enjoy the outdoors, sports and are active in the church as well as helping others.  

2013 was our "getting started" year as we assisted in getting five kids their first whitetail deer harvest.  2014 will be the start of what we hope will be even better as we will begin taking applications from our Wounded Warriors and Veterans for hunting and fishing trips.  Our hope is that we can continue to help others more and more each and every year not only with hunting, fishing and outdoor things but help them to get on the right track spiritually.  Help them to understand that they have a purpose and God has a plan for them.  

BenJonah Farm is the idea of Chris and Tammy Sutton.  We have many great friends and volunteers that are committed to the cause as well and will be helping with all the day to day duties from Hunting and Fishing guides, property management, cooking, bible studies, transportation as well as all other duties.  No one is paid to do what they do.  It is all ran by volunteers and all volunteers are Christians.

Over the next few years we have plans to not only add properties (more properties=being able to accept more applicants) but add facilities such as camp sites (RV and Tent), Pavilions with outdoor kitchens for social gatherings after the hunt, Cabins for those that come to visit us as well  as more handicap accessible facilities.  If God wills we want to have a place that those in need will be able to come, get away and clear their minds, do something they once enjoyed or try something they have always wanted to do.

Please go to the donation page to make a 100% tax deductible donation to BenJonah Farm.  We are now a 501c3 non-profit organization as off Sept 2014. 

Ben Sutton 2013 Hunting Season Age 12
Jonah Sutton 2013 Hunting Season Age 9
BenJonah Farm Donation